Public Domain Super Heroes
Ace of Blades

Real Name


First Appearance

Wow Comics #18 (October 1943)

Original Publisher


Created by

Maurice Whitman


The Ace of Blades was an ace Nazi pilot, who flew a fighter jet with a large sword like weapon protruding from the nose. She used this blade to cut the wings off of enemy planes. Though she thrilled in the victory of aerial combat, she did not like to kill if she didn't have to. Perhaps an odd sense of morality for a Nazi fighter, but she was good at destroying enemy planes.She defeated every pilot she went against, until she battled the Phantom Eagle. However, she was able to land near her hidden hangar, and her men managed to capture her rival. Afraid that he would be shot, she ordered him to be released, so that she might duel him again. Phantom Eagle tracked her down and defeated her again, but this time, he let her go. Ace of Blades held the rank of Oberst, or "Colonel."

Public Domain Appearances

  • Wow Comics #18