Real Name


First Appearance

Voodoo #4 (November 1952)

Original Publisher


Created by

Matt Baker


On an unnamed South Pacific island, a sorcerer named Moltane was the chief of most of the island's natives. Adana was a leader in the only tribe not ruled by Moltane. Moltane's power rested in magical drums that could grant eternal life, which he made and controlled.

An outsider named Pierrie Lafonte learned of the drums, and wanted to obtain one to gain eternal life. Lafonte hired Adana to help him storm Moltane's workshop and steal a drum, but Adana secretly planned on killing Moltane and using the drums to rule the island, and killing Lafonte too once his help was no longer needed. In the end, Lafonte obtained a drum and killed both Adana and Moltane to escape with it. However, the joke was on Lafonte: When he beat the drum for the first time, he triggered Moltane's contingency spell that caused the first person to use a drum after Moltane's death to instantly die.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Voodoo #4


  • The story from Voodoo #4 was originally drawn in the 1940s as a South Sea Girl story intended for Seven Seas Comics. It was re-lettered from a new script to make it a horror story with the last few panels being drawn by a different artist for a horror ending.
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