Ah Ku, Princess of Crime
Ah Ku 1

Real Name

Ah Ku

First Appearance

Top-Notch Comics #4 (1940)

Original Publisher


Created by

Harry Shorten and Irv Novick

Golden Age Origin

Ah Ku (also rendered as "Ah-Ku" in some stories) was a Chinese crime boss who was based in New York City. In her first appearance, she approached Bob Phantom pretending to be a "Princess" who was concerned that many illegally smuggled Chinese immigrants were turning up dead. But as Bob eventually discovered, she was actually the ruthless mastermind behind both the smuggling and the deaths, employing the opportunistic hi-jacker Trigger Slumm.

Later appearances showed her selling opium, killing rivals and generally engaged in all sorts of criminal activities. She was utterly ruthless, ordering murders and letting her own henchmen take the fall for her without a second thought. In her first three appearances, she commanded a mixed-race gang.

In Top-Notch Comics #9, her gang was made of Chinese immigrants. This issue saw what was arguably her most ambitious scheme yet - an attempt to covertly take over all criminal operations in New York's Chinatown. She was stopped by Bob Phantom at every turn, but she managed to get away before she could be arrested until her final appearance.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Top-Notch Comics #4-6, 9
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