Airman Andor

Real Name


First Appearance

Space Adventures #11 (May-June 1954)

Original Publisher


Created by

Steve Ditko


Airman Andor is a policeman assigned as a "traffic cop in space". His spacecraft is designated as Patrol Craft Double-Z. Infatuated with detective fiction of the 20th century, he dreams of one day leaving the force. He goes on a disturbance report in Number 10, Vector 2 living quarters. Inside, he finds an aged man and a young blonde woman named Kyt. The oldster tells Andor that Kyt is his maid, and he caught her looking for his treasure map.

Kyt tells Andor the old man beats her and is not long for life, saying she deserves the treasure. As Andor is talking to Kyt, the old man whips her with an "electric whip". Andor shoots and kills the man, citing a charge of resisting arrest.

Kyt is shocked at the shooting. Andor lives out the "old private-eye yarns" and kisses her. He says he wouldn't want to see her live in prison, preferring to take her and find the treasure. The passion between the two turns to love. Andor submits his resignation, citing the man's resisting arrest. His resignation is accepted.

Kyt and Andor travel in a space rocket to where the treasure map leads; the asteroid Klaxon. On the journey, Kyt writes in her diary, refusing to let Andor see her private thoughts. Landing on the asteroid, the pair find two crystal pillars mentioned on the map. Andor uses his knife to open a bottle of celebratory burgundy. Kissing Kyt after drinking the burgundy, Andor kills her with his knife. His head begins to swim, owing to effects of Kyt's lipstick. He realizes Kyt poisoned him with her lipstick. He knocks her diary off the table. Written in it is her plans to use his affections to retrieve the treasure and the fact that she never was in love with him.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Space Adventures #11

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