Public Domain Super Heroes
Akina with her magic jewel

Real Name


First Appearance

Jungle Comics #15 (1941)

Original Publisher

Fiction House Magazines

Created by

Robert Lewis

Akina was a sorceress queen of the chiefdom of Lomar who appeared as an adversary of Tabu in Jungle Comics #15[1].

Powers and Abilities

Akina derived her vast magical powers from a jewel given to her by her father. She got into an altercation with Tabu in order to prove that her magic was superior than his. Using a magically created leopard, she was able to transport Tabu to her palace, where she magically transformed him into a drum to be used in her tribe's festivals.

Akina transforms Tabu into a drum

However, when Tabu managed to break her spell, she feigned to have accepted defeat, and let him go. However, using his image captured in her magical jewel, she was then able to afflict her magic upon him at a distance, by surrounding him in a magical ring of fire.