Real Name


First Appearance

Beware! #6 (1953)

Original Publisher


Created by

Maurice Gutworth


Alan Clarke goes to India in search of his friend, Ted Sommers. Ted had saved Alan's life during the war. When Sommers disappeared in India, Alan went in search of him. His questioning captures the attention of the locals, who bring him to a female snake charmer named Akola. Akola has Alan put through various tortures, including a bed of nails and walking across coals.

When Alan persists, he sees a snake enter his room at night. The snake has human eyes. He returns to Akola, who has him climb a rope which another fakir has made to stand in the air with his flute. Alan climbs the rope and finds himself in a strange world filled with demonic creatures, some of them snakelike.

He is told by an old woman there that he would need to reincarnate to find Ted. Alan agrees to be reincarnated. He is returned as a snake to join Ted as a part of Akola's snake-charming act.

Powers and Abilities

Akola is a skilled snake charmer. She has the ability to convince people to reincarnate as snakes, and control them after they are transformed.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Beware! Terror Tales #6
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