Public Domain Super Heroes
Detective Albert Jerome

Real Name

Albert Jerome

First Appearance

Argosy, May 1921

Original Publisher


Created by

Austin Hall, Homer Eon Flint


Rhamda Avec arrives in San Francisco inquiring about Doctor Holcolm. When Avec seemingly is unaware of common facts regarding cigars and the sun, a clerk at a newstand alerts police detective, Albert Jerome. In course of conversation, Jerome takes Avec to meet Doctor Holcolm. The pair leave together.

Later in the morning, Doctor Holcolm is discovered missing hen he fails to deliver a promised lecture. Rhamda Avec has disappeared as well. It discovered through further investigation that a doorway to another dimension, called the Blind Spot, exists in a mansion built in 1891. Rhamda Avec is from the Blind Spot, where Holcolm has disappeared.

Suspecting Rhamda Avec of foul play in the matter of Professor Holcolm's disappearance, Detective Jerome devises a chest plate designed to fire six bullets concurrently. Instead of using bullets, Jerome has gas pellets made to knock out Rhamda. The pellets prove ineffectual against Rhamda Avec.

Powers and Abilities

Albert Jerome has the skills of a police officer, including detection abilities, negotiation skills, and knowledge and skills handling firearms. Jerome has skills in metal smithing and designing firearms.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Argosy-May, 1921
  • Fantastic Novels Vol. 1, #1 1951

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