Albino Jo
Albino Jo, "The Man with the Tiger Eyes"

Real Name


First Appearance

Black Fury Newspaper Strip (unknown date)

Original Publisher

Bell Syndicate

Created by

June Tarpe Mills


"Albino" Jo was a Harvard-educated, loincloth-wearing albino Indian in the Brazilian jungle who resurfaced a year later as a pipe-smoking criminologist dressed in a well-tailored suit. He had been raised in the U.S. by foster parents and became a criminologist. He was very good friends with Detective Carey. When not assisting Miss Fury with fighting crime, he traveled the world in his spare time.

Other characters would frequently comment on his very strange eyes, resulting in him being known as "The Man with the Tiger Eyes!"


  • Of special note regarding Miss Fury's powers is how seldom she used them. In the collection's nearly 200 strips, Marla donned the costume only a handful of times, heeding the warning of her friend, Albino Jo, that "with every favor gained through black magic, got two misfortunes."
  • Near the end of her life, Ms. Mills began work on a graphic novel starring the character entitled “Albino Jo, the Man With the Tiger Eyes”. It was unfinished at the time of her death in 1988, and sadly, as she died alone in her Brooklyn apartment, someone broke in and stole virtually all of her original artwork.

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