Alfred Temple
Alfred with Becky.

Real Name

Alfred Temple

First Appearance

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (1876)

Original Publisher

American Publishing Company

Created by

Samuel Clemens (as "Mark Twain")


Alfred Temple is the new boy from the city. Tom Sawyer saw him and immediately took a disliking to him, because of his fancy clothes and overall demeanor. The first day Tom "licks" Alfred after he taunts him for about five minutes. After Tom wins, Alfred chucks a rock at Tom, and has to flee for his "life" from Tom. Tom then waits outside his house and only leaves after Alfred Temple's mom scolds him.

Later on, when Tom returns from being a pirate, and in an effort to make Becky Thatcher jealous, Tom talks to Amy Lawrence. To get revenge, Becky pretends like she is having a good time reading a book with Alfred. When Becky feels bad about letting Tom go, she tells Alfred, "Go away and leave me alone, can't you! I hate you!" Alfred guesses what happened and purposely spills ink on Tom's spelling book, because the two boys have an already uneasy relationship. Tom is scolded for spilling the ink, and when he finds out that Alfred did it, he becomes enraged.

Public Domain Comic Appearances

  • Famous Stories #2

Public Domain Appearances

  • The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

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