Ali Pasha

Real Name

Ali Ben Pasha

First Appearance

Jumbo Comics #5 (January, 1939)

Original Publisher

Fiction House

Created by

Lou Fine (as Curt Davis)

Golden Age Origin

Ali Pasha was a scientist, intent on conquering the planet, who forced Dr. Hayward to build a machine that could transport a person through time and space. He then forced Hayward to test the device on his friend, Stuart Taylor. Taylor, having gained fighting experience after being transported into the past, was eventually able to physically overcome Ali Pasha and his men.

Ali Pasha had a hypnotic glare that gave him control over others. He appeared to be quite wealthy, living in a large fortified palace, with a dungeon and well equipped laboratory, which was guarded by a gang of black henchmen. Ali Pasha and his henchmen did not carry weapons and seemed to rely only on physical strength and fighting ability. Ali Pasha's use of the word Allah suggests he might have been Muslim.

Golden Age Appearances

Jumbo Comics #5-7, 9-11, 23