Alias X
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Real Name


First Appearance

Captain Fearless #1 (1941)

Original Publisher

Holyoke/Helnit Publishing Co

Created by

Ray Allen and Al Ulmer


Alias X had been active for a year by the time of his first story. After capturing a criminal he would leave a calling card saying "With compliments, Alias X". He tells his origin to the publisher of the Gazette and the Commissioner. He was a taxi driver in a small mid-west town, but was arrested for being the getaway driver for some murderous bank robbers. After spending two years in jail, he escaped and devoted himself to becoming a master disguise so he could track down the killers. He tells the publisher and the commissioner that the day he captures the killers he'll come clean and reveal his true identity, but until then he can published as Joe Smith for the story.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Captain Fearless #1-2
  • Blue Beetle #13
  • Veri Best Sure Fire Comics #1
  • Captain Aero Comics #4, 9

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