Queen Alice of the Winged People

Real Name

Alice, Daughter of Bawala

First Appearance

Fantastic Comics #4 (March 1940)

Original Publisher

Fox Features

Created by

Grieg Chapian


When Alice was a child, her father, Bawala brought her to the small town of Namara. While playing, she fell into a well that led into a subterranean world. There, she was found by the winged people, who eventually made her their queen. Bawala cursed the people of Namara, and began a crusade to fight the winged men and get his daughter back. During this secret war, he became known as The Black Death.

10 years later, Sir Richard of Warwick, the Golden Knight, attempted to lift the curse on Namara by descending the well to find Alice. After fighting his way through the subterranean world, Richard found the queen and she agreed to return to the surface world with him. However, the two were captured by the Black Death's men, and Richard was sent to the dungeon to be tortured until he revealed what he knew about the winged men.

Meanwhile, Alice escaped, and when she found Richard being tortured, she killed The Black Death in her rage. As he lay dying, the Black Death called off his men, and revealed he was Alice's father. Alice felt great guilt for killing her beloved father and felt that she could never forgive herself. However, Sir Richard helped her to redeem herself by undoing the evil her father had done in Namara. She then decided to travel with Sir Richard on his many adventures, the two developing a romantic relationship

Alice was a skilled fighter who carried a sword and had the courage to take on any opponent, including men, monsters and sorcerers.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Fantastic Comics #4-5, 10-20
  • The Eagle #2


  • Why would "winged people" be living underground?
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