Detective Allen Carlton

Real Name

Allen Carlton

First Appearance

Weird Thrillers #1 (Sept.Oct. 1951)

Original Publisher


Created by

John Prentice


Professional model Donna Wayne is awoken by an apparition of a frightful man. She immediately calls police detective Allen Carlton. He shrugs it off, telling Donna to not worry about it. Until he sees an apparition himself.

The police chief calls him into his office the next day, informing Allen of many reported sightings around the city. The chief sends Detective Carlton on the case immediately.

Mayor Jonas Ellwood is flustered at the situation. While he muses, Dr. Diablo, Master of Magic appears in apparition form and introduces himself to Mayor Ellwood. Diablo demands one-million-dollars to stop the apparitions frightening the citizens of the city.

On his investigations, Detective Carlton stops by Donna's apartment. He hears her screaming, finding the apparition has returned. Donna identifies it as Angelo the Toad, a thug that stalked her for a time. Allen recalls the incident.

After rigging up a detector to look for television signals, Allen and Donna follow the apparition of a huge bat. The trail ends at a country shack. As Detective Carlton looks through the window at a figure there manipulating some equipment, Donna tries to warn him of Angelo the Toad sneaking up on him. The warning comes too late, and Allen is knocked out.

Angelo carries Allen into the shack with Debra in tow. Allen recognizes the figure of Dr. Diablo as one Doc Hoodlah, a crooked scientist and swindler. Dr. Diablo explains his designs to project old horror films with television waves. He further tells Allen that Debra Wayne was promised to his crony, Angelo the Toad. Angelo's apparition haunted Donna for that reason.

Allen infuriates Angelo who goes after him with a wooden club. Detective Carlton maneuvers him to a power box, tricking The Toad into electrocuting himself.

Dr. Diablo retrieves a pistol, holding it on the detective. Donna wheels a camera at Diablo to distract him. The action works, and Detective Allen Carton polishes the villain off with his fists.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Weird Thrillers #1
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