The American Shield
The american shield 001.jpg

Real Name

Joe Smith

First Appearance

Free Universe Forums - July, 2011

Original Publisher

Free Universe

Created by

Allen Christopher Trembone


While on the trail of a Nazi spy ring, Joe Smith, a United States government agent was shot and wounded by one of its members.

However, Smith's life was saved, when a being known as the Spirit of America appeared before him and said, "I have selected you to weild great powers! Use them for good!" Smith vowed to do so, and found himself with superhuman strength and agility and clad in a red, white, and blue costume.

Now calling himself The American Shield, Smith confronted the Nazi spy ring and thwarted their attempts to obtain plans for an energy ray gun, bringing them to justice in the process.

The American Shield went on to become a founding member of the United Squadron of America, of which he serves as leader.

Equipment and Abilites

The American Shield possesses superhuman strength and agility, which he gains by pounding his fists together.

He is skilled in all forms of combat and espionage.


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