Real Name


First Appearance

Plastic Man #21 (January 1950)

Original Publisher


Created by

Jack Cole


Amorpho was an alien shapeshifter who crash landed on Earth. It tried changing into a squirrel and then a dog before finding out humans were the dominate species on the planet. Amorpho became an exact duplicate of the first human it stumbled upon: Woozy Winks. After taking human form, Amorpho stumbled upon a salt factory and preceded to eat as much salt as possible since the alien needed it maintain a solid form.

The following day, Plastic Man and Woozy Winks were informed by the chief that someone broke into a salt factory the night before. Once at the scene of the crime, Woozy was blamed for the break-in and thrown in jail. Plastic Man tried to prove his friend's innocence.

Meanwhile, Amorpho decided to ditch his Woozy form for a bag of salt since it observed humans pouring salt into the bag. However, a walking and talking salt bag gets attention from the police and Plastic Man. Returning to the factory, Plastic Man finds the alien in the basement. After a brief confrontation, Amorpho blended into his surroundings and became a shovel. Then once Plastic Man believed the creature disappeared, Amorpho becomes a duplicate of Plastic Man.

Plastic Man confronts the doppelganger at a construction site as it gorged on stolen salt. They fight, but the alien surrendered after being tied around a girder. Amorpho was then sent back to the stars in his rocket, since no Earthly prison could contain him with Woozy and Plastic Man cleared of all charges.

Powers and Abilities

Amorpho was a shapeshifter who could become anything from animals to inanimate objects to humanoids. It needed to consume salt to maintain its solidity.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Plastic Man #21

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