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Anne Bonny

Real Name

Anne Bonny


March 8, 1702


April 22, 1782

Historical Background

Originally from Ireland, Anne Bonny's family traveled to the new world very early on in her life and she eventually settled in the Bahamas. While in the Bahamas, Bonny began to spend time with pirates in the local taverns. There she met Jack "Calico Jack" Rackham, captain of the Revenge, and became his mistress and joined his crew.

Rackham's crew later added another female pirate named Mary Read. Bonny was initially attracted to Read thinking she was a handsome man. Captain Rackham became jealous of Read and threatened to kill her. This forced Read to reveal that she was in fact a woman. Once learning her secret though, Rackham allowed both women to remain on the crew.

In October 1720, Rackham's pirates were captured and taken to Jamaica, where they were convicted and sentenced by the Governor of Jamaica to be hung, but Read and Bonny both "pleaded their bellies": asking for mercy because they were pregnant so their execution was stalled. There is no historical record of Bonny's release or of her execution.

Public Domain Comic Appearances

  • Captain Kidd #25: An account of Anne's adventures with Mary Read.
  • Operation:Peril #5: Anne Bonny falls in love with the time traveler Tom Redfield.

Public Domain Literary Appearances


  • Jewelry Bonney from the manga/anime One Piece was named after Anne Bonny.
  • In the Witchblade comics, Anne Bonny was one of the former wielders of the Witchblade artifact.
  • Bonny and Read are featured in Disneyland's Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

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