Annie Oakley

Real Name

Phoebe Ann Mosey


August 13, 1860


November 3, 1926

Historical Background

Annie Oakley was a female American sharpshooter and performer who became a star in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. She was given the name "Little Sure Shot" by Sitting Bull, who also toured with the show. She had been a hunter and trapper for most of her life, before joining the show.


Annie was a skilled sharpshooter. She could shoot a .22 caliber rifle at 90 feet and split a playing card edge-on while putting five or six holes in it before it hit the ground.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Six-Gun Heroes v1 #46-82, v2 #6-8
  • Cowboy Western Comics #17-65
  • Four Color #438, 481, 520, 575
  • Annie Oakley and Tagg #4-18
  • Cheyenne Kid #54
  • Geronimo Jones #2
  • Hit Comics #47

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