Marvo and Bud discover the Ant-men of Antar

Race Name


Home Planet


First Appearance

Superworld Comics #3 (1940)

Original Publisher


Created by

Frank R.Paul & Charles Hornig


Antarenes were a race of ant-men from a distant solar system whose sun had expired. This made their planet of Antar uninhabitable. The ant-men went underground and built a propulsion device to move their planet through space called a Propulsor. Using this device they hoped to find a new solar system with a thriving sun.

In the 2680's the came Antarenes arrived in the Earth's solar system. They planned to push the planet Earth out of its orbit and then into the sun while Antar would take its spot. However, their plan was discovered by Marvo1.2Go+ when he visited their dead world. Marvo pretended to go along with the Antarenes plan until he and his friend Bud found an opportunity to destroy the force ray gun. Bud and Marvo then sent the ant-men's planet out of the solar system.

Grand dobol

Leader of the Antarenes, the Grand Dobol

The Antarenes are a green ant-like creature of average height. They have antennae and can walk upright. They have a queen but are ruled by a Grand Dobol.

Force ray gun

The Antarenes' Force Ray Gun

Powers and Abilities

They have the ability to communicate telepathically with their "amennae", antennae like organs on their head. The antarenes have an advanced technological society having developed devices that can move worlds: a force ray gun,that can push a planet out of its orbit and a propulsor which propelled Antar through space.

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