Real Name


First Appearance

Space Adventures #11 (Oct.-Nov. 1954)

Original Publisher


Created by

Sy Moskowitz


In the robot city of 4968 AD, the robot Val Tor incessantly seeks to discover the truth about the mythical creature known as man. He knows man created the robots, and he likewise knows they were created to serve.

When he visits the Institute of Ancient Scrolls, he speaks with Tor Vac and An-Tok, who are attendants of ancient books and documents. They pity Val Tor in his quixotic quest. Val Tor insists man did exist, and was the creator of the robots rather than an empty myth. Val Tor is determined to find the clue to unlock the mystery of man and prove his theory.

Walking in the robot city later on, he comes across An-Toc from the Institute who again gives him a hard time about his search. Val Tor tells An-Toc of his determination before seeking out the Antling in their city.

The ants have grown to a size of several feet in length, and can communicate and think at a high level of intelligence. This is due to exposure of atmospheric radiation impelling an evolution in the ants. The ants tell Val Tor they are trying to build and achieve space travel, but Val Tor doesn't trust them.

He continues his search, discovering a manufactured tunnel leading to a chamber. Inside the chamber are many men in suspended animation. He awakens one of the men, who tells him about the group going into suspended animation to survive the effects of a terrible war. The man displays an extremely aggressive, war-like attitude. When he is told of the ant civilization and its hopes for space travel, the man laughs it off. He desires human conquest over the ants and anyone else mankind encounters. The man's attitude becomes so fervent, his heart gives out and he dies.

Val Tor decides mankind is not prepared to return as of yet. He goes to the ants to serve them in their endeavors.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Space Adventures #13
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