The Ape Demon

Real Name

The Hanuman Ape

First Appearance

Adventures into the Unknown #7 (Oct-Nov. 1949)

Original Publisher


Created by

Edvard Moritz


The Hanuman Ape, aka The Ape Demon, is an ape-like creature from the jungles of Bengal. The natives say that their great god, Siva, has kept the ape in the jungle so the villagers are safe. Dr. Vance goes in search of the Hanuman Ape, though he is skeptical of its existence. He is assisted by a man named Link and a woman named Jean.

Dr. Vance manages to capture the Hanuman Ape with the help of Link. They explore the jungle further, finding ruins with lifelike statues looking exactly like the Hanuman Ape.

The group load the captive ape as cargo onto a ship, where a mysterious man in the ship's tavern gives them a statue as a talisman. but Dr. Vance soon has his mind taken over by the ape and releases the creature. Link fights with the ape, and Jean uses the talisman on it. The spirit of Dr. Vance exits the Hanuman Ape. The ape turns into a statue, which they throw overboard. It is revealed that the statue represents Siva, and thus has power over the Hanuman Ape.

Powers and Abilities

The Hanuman Ape displays great strength. When subdued by a talisman of Siva, it transforms into a statue.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Adventures into the Unknown #7
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