Lieutenant April Wing

Real Name

April Wing

First Appearance

Space Busters #1 (Spring 1952)

Original Publisher


Created by

Bernie Krigstein


Captain Brett Crockett of the Earthian Space-Busters goes looking for Sergeant Bolo at the hospital. He demands his release from Lieutenant April Wing, whom he addresses as simply "nurse". April takes offense, but soon Brett retrieves Bolo. Bolo was sick from drinking a bottle of tonic in an unsuccessful attempt to grow hair on his bald pate.

They go to a meeting to inform the Earthian soldiers of the invasion on Mars. The invasion is an effort to wrest the planetary system from its conquerors from Belzar. The speech is delivered by Air Fleet Task Force Commander Senstral. Senstral informs the group he will lead the attack. Brett questions the action by Senstral, but the Commander states it's his prerogative.

Leaving the meeting, Crockett expresses his distrust of Senstral. Crockett is right to be wary of Senstral, as the Commander contacts the Empress of Belzar as her spy, his identification being "Agent Y-3-Z".

April uniform

Informing Belzarian forces of the particulars of the attack, Commander Senstral directs the battle poorly for the Earthians. Captain Crockett forces Senstral to submission, making an emergency landing on the surface. The Earthians are quickly captured by soldiers of Belzar. Captain Crockett calls Senstral a renegade and a traitor, but he is silenced before more colorful terms can be delivered.

The Empress of Belzar offers Captain Crockett a chance to join with her. Of course, the Captain refuses, saying the Space-Busters are not traitors. Captain Crockett, Lieutenant Wing, and Sergeant Bolo are taken with the other prisoners to be buried alive after digging their own graves.

Brett beans the Belzarian guard with the spade he was given to dig his own grave. Captain Crockett, Bolo, and April Wing commandeer a Belzarian tank and begin blasting away at the Empress's forces. Their attack on her Majesty's headquarters go well with Sergeant Bolo at the gun, but the response is an "atomic bazooka". Bolo's not done shooting, however, and he attacks the Balzarian ammunition dump.

The Earthian forces break through to lines, routing the military force from Belzar and sending them fleeing. Brett is hit by friendly fire, and tells Bolo to shoot of an S.O.S. signal with his gun. April tells Brett to be quiet, as the Captain is losing a lot of blood. April tells the triumphant Space Busters to get a hospital rocket for Captain Crockett. As he's loaded aboard, Crockett is complimented on routing the Belzarians.

While Captain Brett Crockett is recovering in the hospital, overlooked by Lieutenant April Wing, Sergeant Bolo chides Brett to get well soon so he can continue fighting the Belzarians.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Space Busters #1-2
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