Arabian Knight

Real Name


First Appearance

Treasure Comics #2 (August, 1945)

Original Publisher

Prize Comics Group

Created by

H. C. Kiefer



The Arabian Knight was a hero who travelled throughout the middle east in the 8th century, righting wrongs, protecting the innocent and defending his kingdom. He lived in Baghdad and reported directly to Prince Haroun Al Rashid. Hassan ends up being in the middle of most of the stories of 1001 Arabian Nights, befriending characters such as Sinbad, acquiring Aladdin's magic lamp and apparently even becoming the Thief of Baghdad himself. He is sometimes aided by his squire, Gazzar.


Golden Age Appearances

  • Treasure Comics #2-8, 10


  • Not to be confused with the subsequent Marvel characters with the same name who are NOT public domain.

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