Archon Officer
Archon officer.png

Real Name


First Appearance

Tumblr ( 2014)

Created by

Thomas F. Johnson


"Given recent horrible events, I came up with this guy as a generalized symbol of evil-via-the-police, because I miss when old-timey political cartoons depicted people/forces-they-didn’t-like as horrible boss monsters."

"Its general name, BTW, is an/the Archon Officer, because GNOSTICISM REFERENCES ARE COOL AMIRITE, and he’s meant to stand for general Police/State Brutality/Oppression/Repression in a similar manner as the American political parties are by the Republican Elephant, the Democratic Donkey, the Green Party Space Whale, and the Libertarian Screaming Rabid Honey Badger."


This character’s free for anybody to use as long as they credit Thomas F. Johnson as its creator somewhere.

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