Real Name


First Appearance

Don Fortune Magazine #1 (September, 1946)

Original Publisher

Don Fortune Publishing

Created by

C. C. Beck

Golden Age Origin

Ardora was the ruler of Myro, a rogue planet in the Kalpan System. She was the half sister of King Deltar, and after he died, she wished to usurp the throne from his daughter, Queen Delecta. She was aided by her ward, Prince Umbro. Eventually, Ardora challenged Delecta to a death match in fighter ships. When she appeared to be losing, Umbro knocked her out, to assume control of the ship. However, Umbro and Ardora were both killed.

Ardora was a sinister schemer, and was willing to kill the entire population of the planet Kala to obtain the throne. She was also a skilled pilot.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Don Fortune Magazine #1-4