Armored Giant

Real Name


First Appearance

Amazing Mystery Funnies #24 (Sept. 1940)

Original Publisher


Created by

Basil Wolverton


Breaking in their new craft after having their previous vehicle destroyed on Mars, Nick Nelson of the Space Patrol and his Martian gunner, Kodi, land on one of the Pygmy Planets in the Solar System's asteroid belt. After landing, the Space Patrollers discover they are unable to take off again.

Alighting from their ship into the planet's breathable atmosphere, Nick and Kodi examine their surroundings. They discover many missing craft, including the Venusa and the M-16.

Bulbous Creatures of the pygmy planet suddenly attack them, capturing Kodi while Nick drives them off. Looking around for Kodi, Patrolman Nick sees a Venusian running toward him. Nick points his gun at the Venusian, who says he's not an enemy. He says his name is Rom Laro, the pilot of the Venusa passenger liner. He explains his passengers were all eaten by the Cannibal God when the Bulbous Creatures inhabiting the pygmy planet fed them to the monster.

Reluctantly going with Nick Nelson to save Kodi, they come across the creatures feeding one of their own to the Cannibal God for losing the fight with Nick. Nick fires his "flame gun" into the Cannibal God's mouth, which screams loudly and puts its acolytes retreating in fear.

Nick finds Kodi, introducing Rom Laro as an ally. Rom Laro says he will show the Space Patrolmen the generators producing the magnetism that make leaving the planet impossible for captured ships. This is made possible while the Bulbous Creatures are hiding in fear. Rom leads them to the cave where the generators are. It is guarded by an Armored Giant, which Nick dispatches by sending it over a ledge into a huge electrode. This shorts the generator.

While the generator is temporarily incapacitated, Nick, Kodi, and Rom Laro run to the Space Patrol rocket-ship with the inhabitants of the planet in hot pursuit. Once in the air, Nick dives low as Kodi shoots and kills the Cannibal God. They escape, with Nick Nelson stating the Space Patrol would return in force and repair the damaged ships on the planet, including Rom Laro's Venusa.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Amazing Mystery Funnies #24
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