Real Name


First Appearance

Fantastic Fears #4 (November 1953)

Original Publisher

Farrell Publication

Created by

Jerry Iger


Lawrence Mason resides on a secluded luxury island. The island is infested with snakes, which Lawrence tries his best to eliminate. Often using a revolver. One stormy night, a beautiful woman named Asptha arrives looking for shelter. Lawrence's butler Williams assists in making Asptha comfortable.

In little time, Lawrence becomes infatuated with Asptha. On a walk together, Asptha slips and falls into a snakepit. Lawrence descends to rescue her, finding them both surrounded by various snakes. Asptha reveals she is Queen of the Snakes by returning to her snake form. She tells Lawrence she and her snakes all loathe him. Fighting a desperate battle, Lawrence Mason succumbs to the poisonous brood.

Powers and Abilities

Along with being able to speak with and control snakes, Asptha can transform from snake to human at will.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Fantastic Fears #4
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