Real Name

Atlanta Felsmark

First Appearance

Atalanta #1 (1904)

Original Publisher

Created by

Emil Robert Kraft


Atlanta grew up in a German orphanage and later finds out that she is the last member of a proud and ancient Mohawk tribe. As a baby, she had been found on the shores of a large "slave lake" in South America.

She sets out to find answers about her past with Graf Felsmark, a German millionaire adventurer who Atlanta eventually marries. In the course of her adventures, she finds a Lost City of Maya in the jungles of Mexico, and battles the evil dwarfish rulers of Lemuria and their ogre-like servants. Eventually, she returns to the slave lake where she was found and frees the slaves.

She also battles the brilliant and fiendish South American scientist, Professor Dodd, who plans to conquer the world with his advanced technology.


Atlanta is unusually smart and athletic, capable of feats that most humans would find daunting.

Public Domain Literary Appearances

  • Atalanta #1-60 (1904-1905)
  • Atalanta: Die Geheimnisse Des Sklavensees (The Secrets of the Slave Lake, 1911)


Not to be confused with the Atlanta of Greek Myth.

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