Atlas the Traveler
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PDSH wiki 2015

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Brandon Longstreth


He was born a cartographer's son in 8th century Basra. He was the mapmaker for all of Sinbad the Sailor's voyages, including the secret ones. Sinbad was Atlas' lover and trusted him so completely that he entrusted him with Sinbad's personal copy of Al Azif.

Sometime after he was given the book he stopped aging and has wandered the world as a mapmaker and adventurer ever since.

On one of his many adventures, the goddess Celestina bestowed upon him the Celestial Sword made from a piece of her own essence.


Atlas is extremely long lived. He stopped aging at around age 50 and is at the peak human condition for someone that age.

The Celestial Sword cuts through the fabric of reality allowing instant travel across any distance.


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