Atmos Fear
Atmos fear

Real Name

Atmos Fear

First Appearance

Smash Comics #44 (1943)

Original Publisher


Created by

Gill Fox

Golden Age Origin

The great-grandson of the last of great black magic practitioner, Atmos Fear was given powers from his great-grandfather before he died. On his thirteenth birthday, Atmos' powers activated allowing him to raise or lower his body temperature by 300 degrees.

Using this new power, Atmos goes on a crime spree beginning with stealing the money from Daffy Dill's most recent wrestling match.  Daffy tried to stop him, but Atmos Fear managed to escape using his abilities to elude her and the police both.

For months following their first encounter, Atmos Fear continued his reign of terror, but in his second encounter with Daffy, his heat powers proved less effective. All they managed to do was for Daffy to sweat away some excess pounds and make a sign above Atmos' head fall down and knock him out cold. Daffy then used Atmos Fear to replace her old heating system and air conditioner.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Smash Comics #44

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