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Atom Wizard
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Real Name

Drew Lane

First Appearance

X-Venture #1 (June 1947)

Original Publisher

Victory Magazine Corp.

Created by



Drew Lane was the son of Professor Winthrop Lane, a scientist who had discovered a new unstable nuclear element more dangerous than plutonium that required only a jolt of electricity to begin nuclear fission. However, the professor's assistant Devens was selling the doc's secrets. To prevent the crooks from getting his element, Winthrop set off the element killing himself and the criminals, but leaving his son alive.

Drew was found by a woman who saw the explosion. She turns out to be a Nazi agent who brings Drew to her leader the commander of German U-boat that was still out to sea when Germany surrendered. They plan to use the atomic knowledge Drew possessed from his father to construct their own bomb to liberate Germany. However, Drew tricked them and used the element he was forced to construct to kill the Nazis and escape deciding to become the Atom Wizard to protect his father's secret from those who would use it for evil.

Public Domain Appearances

  • X-Venture #1

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