Public Domain Super Heroes
Atom Wizard
Atom wizard 2.jpg

Real Name

Mr. Mars

First Appearance

X-Venture #2 (November 1947)

Original Publisher

Victory Magazine

Created by

Al Cammerata


Mr. Mars was known as the Atom Wizard because of his knowledge of atomic energy. He used this knowledge to fight against those who abused science for evil against mankind. He had no superpowers, and he did not wear a costume, unlike the first Atom Wizard.

In his only published adventure, Mr. Mars faced Marcia Maxwell, whose father discovered of "thought beings" and built gigantic robots.Marcia continued her father's experiments and used them to kill Dr. Edwards and Robert Martin. The robots were powered by human brains. The human bodies were inhabited by thought beings while their minds were controlling the robots.

Public Domain Appearances

  • X-Venture #2

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