Public Domain Super Heroes

Real Name


First Appearance

Joe Palooka Comics #15 (1947)

Original Publisher


Created by

Bob Powell


Atoma was a historian from the year 2446. While it may have looked like a peaceful utopia at first glance, a more careful examination revealed an authoritarian society where travel is restricted and the "Mighty Chief" and his soldiers ruthlessly crack down on dissent and abuse their power with impunity.

Dusty Rhodes, an ordinary 20th century kid, became a time traveler when a chemical experiment he conducted triggered an explosion that threw him 500 years into the future. Atoma knew of his arrival from reading his memoirs and was waiting for him. They teamed up to stop a robot riot, putting it to a halt with Dusty's slingshot.

Powers and Abilities

While Atoma has no super-powers, she does wear EDF (electronic directional flight) control nylon-xenton wings which allow her to fly.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Joe Palooka Comics #15

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