Atomic Man
Jim casey

Real Name

Jim Casey

First Appearance

Real Boy's Stories (1946)

Original Publisher

Classic Pub. Co.

Created by



Jim Casey, the Atomic Man, appeared in at least two 15-page stories of Canadian publisher, the Classic Pub Company's, Real Boy's Secrets in 1946.

He was aided by (aka: regularly had to save) Annis Coo, whose father, Prof. Coo, had created the Atomic Machine that accidentally exploded and gave Jim Casey the super strength he needed to become Atomic Man! The USA, England, Canada, and Russia all agreed to make the Atomic Man the "World-Wide Protector of Atomic Knowledge!"

He fought giant monkeys, other "atomic crooks" (who were unnamed), and a subterranean race called "the Zoots." He used atomic weapons and flew an atomic jet plane. In one adventure, he and Annis adventured in the underground city of Atomica, which is inhabited by 9-foot tall giants. Whether or not they encountered King Grim the First and Only in that same subterranean land is unknown.


The only other known page of Atomic Man's adventures.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Real Boy's Stories

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