Atomic Mouse
Atomic Mouse issue 1

Real Name


First Appearance

Atomic Mouse #1 (Mar. 1953)

Original Publisher


Created by

Al Fago

Golden Age Origin

Atomic Mouse took magic pills called U-235 given to him by Professor Invento. The pills granted him super powers such as super strength, speed, and flight which he used to protect the citizens of Mouseville. His arch enemy was Count Gatto (Gatto is Italian for ‘cat’) and his inept sidekick, Shadow.


  • Fago imitated his own character by also creating Atomic Rabbit and Atom the Cat who had similar powers and power sources to Atomic Mouse. Also, the comparison to Mighty Mouse was obvious.

Public Domain Golden/Silver Age Appearances

  • Atom the Cat #11-12
  • Atomic Mouse (1953 series) #1-52
  • Atomic Mouse (1961 series) #11-14
  • Atomic Rabbit #11
  • Funny Animals #84-87
  • Giant Comics #1-3
  • Li'l Tomboy #103
  • Pudgy Pig #2
  • Rock and Rollo #15,17
  • Timmy the Timid Ghost (1956 series) #5,9,12,14,30
  • Tom Cat #7-8
  • Zoo Funnies #1

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