Atomic Rabbit
Atomic Rabbit

Real Name


First Appearance

Atomic Rabbit #1(1955)

Original Publisher


Created by

Al Fago

Golden Age Origin

Atomic Rabbit/Bunny gained superpowers when he ate U-235 carrots. His powers include flight and super strength which he used to protect the citizens of Rabbitville from Atomic Rabbit's nemesis, the evil Sly Fox and his two kids.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Atomic Rabbit #1-11
  • Atom the Cat #11-12
  • Atomic Bunny #12-19


  • Starting in issue #12, Atomic Rabbit's name was changed to Atomic Bunny.
  • His powers and power source were very similar to Atomic Mouse and Cosmo Cat. His creator also gave similar powers to Atom the Cat, albeit with a different origin.

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