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Attila the Hun

Real Name



?–453 A.D.

Historical Background[]

Attila the Hun, was the leader of the Huns from 434 to 453, and ruler of the Hunnic Empire. This empire ranged from the Danube River to the Baltic Sea and from Germany to the Ural River. He was a fierce enemy of the entire Roman Empire.

Fawcett Comics[]

Attila the Hun appeared in several different Fawcett Comics. For example, Captain Marvel villain Ibac was given the powers of the greatest villains in history by Lucifer, including Attila the Hun. In another Captain Marvel story, Doctor Sivana used his reincarnation machine to bring back Attila. However, when the villain tried to double cross him, Captain Marvel and Sivana team up to send him back. This Attila also had superhuman strength.

A third story had Attila alongside Adolf Hitler, Hermann Goering; Joseph Goebbels, and Theodoric fight Ibis the Invincible.


  • In the novel, Dracula, Count Dracula claimed to be descended from Attila the Hun: "What devil or what witch was ever so great as Attila, whose blood is in these veins?"
  • In his first appearance, it was revealed that Captain Marvel's nemesis, IBAC, derived his fierceness from the spirit of Attila the Hun and was represented by the "A" in IBAC's name. On several occasions, Captain Marvel hit IBAC so hard, the spirit of Attila was knocked out of him.

Public Domain Golden Age Appearances[]

  • Captain Marvel Adventures #8-9, 20
  • Whiz Comics #31-33
  • Headline Comics #15
  • Hit Comics #40
  • Tops In Adventure #1
  • Fight Comics #85
  • Thrilling Comics #33

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