Auro 2

Real Name

"Auro" Hardwich

First Appearance

Planet Comics #1 (1940)

Original Publisher

Fiction House

Created by

Malcolm Kildale


Some time in the 21st century, Professor John Hardwich was flying on an interplanetary cruise ship with his wife and son. Their journey came to a tragic end when their ship was pulled off course by Jupiter's gravity and crashed. Only the professor's son survived the disaster.

A local version of the saber-toothed tiger named Tara picked up the unconscious boy and nursed him back to health and then helped him to learn how to hunt and protected him from predators as he grew older, with Jupiter's greater gravity making him superhumanly strong as he matured.

When he reached adulthood he set off to explore the planet and soon discovered a primitive tribe of hairy ape-like humanoids that were apparently Jupiter's native sentient species. Attacked, the young human was easily able to beat them back, and the leader of the brutish brown-furred Jovians dubbed him "Auro" -which meant "unconquerable" in their language.

Shortly afterward, a Terran transport ship on the Earth-Saturn run was attacked by pointy-headed Neptunians who boarded it and took it's crew as slaves. Assistant pilot Martha Gale managed to escape in an emergency "lifeboat" in hopes of getting aid, only to be pulled in by Jupiter's gravity. Luckily for her, she managed to crash not far from where Auro was at the time, and the Jovian jungle lord was more then happy to help her.

He allowed himself to be captured by Neptunian slavers, only to overpower his captors once they reached Neptune. He single-handedly defeated the Neptunian army (after all, he was even stronger on Neptune then he was on Jupiter) and forced it's despotic ruler to release the Earthlings and their ship. They arrested the ruler and took him back to Earth for trial.

Now, most would assume that Auro would use this opportunity to finally return to Earth. They would be wrong as Auro was soon the ruler of a city populated by hundreds of more human-like Jovians. He protected his people and clashed with the local warlords who sought to oppress anyone anywhere. Later, he left the city to explore Jupiter and became a roaming adventurer who lived off the land and righted wrongs he encountered along the way.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Planet Comics #1-7, 11-29

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