Real Name

Auro, Lord of Jupiter

First Appearance

Planet Comics #41 (March 1946)

Original Publisher

Fiction House

Created by

Unknown (pseudonym used was "Dick Charles")

Golden Age Origin

In 1965, Auro ruled all Jupiter with his consort, Dorna. Everything was going well until Dorna's power-hungry stepbrother murdered him.

Meanwhile, on earth, Chester "Chet" Edson, a young American scientist and a factory owner from Centerville was living peacefully with his fiance, Claudia. He dedicated most of his time to building a prototype rocket ship of his own design, neglecting his factory. That proved to be a mistake. His superintendent, Nelson, was sabotaging the plant, and he decided to get rid of Chet before he could figure it out. When a blow to the head didn't kill Chet, Nelson shoved his boss into the prototype rocket ship and launched it. However, the discharge from the rocket was so strong it started a fire, burning down the lab. Nelson perished in the process. His body was assumed to be Chet's.

When the real Chet came to aboard his rocket, he discovered that it was on a collision course with Jupiter. Chet survived the ensuing crash, but his body couldn't survived for long in Jupiter's atmosphere. Dorna had her men recover his body. For reasons that are not really explained, she decided that it would be a good idea to transfer Chet's "spirit" into Auro's body.

At first, Chet was in complete control of Auro's body. In issue 43, he returned to Earth to stop Claudia from accidentally unleashing a poisonous gas stored in his lab. Dorna's scientists warned him that he wouldn't survive on Earth for more then two hours while in Auro's body. Chet managed to save the Earth and say goodbye to Claudia before the deadline, but he cut it fairly close. As the result, this body was blinded. And, as it soon became apparent, Chet was no longer in control of it. Auro's personality suddenly asserted itself. When they returned to Jupiter, scientists were able to cure Auro's blindness, but nobody seemed to wonder what happened to Chet. From that point on, the young Earthman could only influence Auro on subconscious level.

Auro continued to fight Dorna's stepbrother's allies and other villains for the remainder of his appearances, with Chet servicing as his unrecognized advisor every step of the way.


Auro, Lord of Jupiter is the name used by two different characters that appeared Planet Comics. The first Auro was a Tarzan-like character who adventured sometime in the 21st century, while the second version was a costumed character, a hero more akin to Flash Gordon, who adventured in the 1960s. Aside from the name and the primary setting of their adventures, the characters aren't related to each other.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Planet Comics #41-61

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