Avanti Planetaros

Real Name

Avanti Planetaros

First Appearance

Himmelskibet [The Sky Ship] (novel, 1914)

Original Publisher

Det Danske Filminstitut

Created by

Sophus August Berthel Michaëlis


Avanti Planetaros was a sea captain and adventurer who had explored much of the Earth. When his father, an astronomer, told him that the only remaining frontier was in space, Avanti learns to fly a plane and contracts his sister Carona's fiance, Dr. Krafft, to build a ship capable of traveling to the final frontier. Krafft helped him and his father build a ship called The Excelsior. In the original novel, the ship's crew included Avanti and his father. In the movie, Avanti takes Krafft and a loutish American named David Dane and several others. Setting out into space, The Excelsior eventually arrives on the planet Mars. They are greeted there by a race of pacifist, vegetarian Martians who have evolved past their history of violence. Avanti falls in love with Marya, the daughter of the Martian high priest. Marya and her dying father return to Earth with Avanti to help him lead a new age of peace on our planet.

Public Domain Literary Appearances

  • Himmelskibet [The Sky Ship] (novel, 1914)

Public Domain Film Appearances

  • Himmelskibet (1918)

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