Avenger, the Space Detective

Real Name

Roderick Hathway

First Appearance

The Space Detective #1 (July 1951)

Original Publisher


Created by

Joe Orlando & Wally Wood


Rod Hathway was a wealthy aristocrat and philanthropist living in the city of Great New York around the year 2255 (300 years in the future). As a hobby, he began solving crimes on Earth, Mars and Venus and soon became one of the most feared crime fighters on all three planets. He took the name "Avenger" to protect his identity. He was assisted by his friend, Dot Kenny, who took the name Teena. His enemies inclued Set Maag and the Gargoyle, among others.

As the Avenger, Rod wore an armored space suit, that allowed him to survive in space. He also carried a ray gun and a variety of high tech gadgets such as an x-ray vision gun. He was a good fighter and an excellent detective.

Public Domain Appearances

  • The Space Detective #1-4
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