Public Domain Super Heroes
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Real Name

Roger Wright

First Appearance

The Avenger #1 (February-March 1955)

Original Publisher

Magazine Enterprises

Created by

Dick Ayers & Gardner Fox


Wealthy scientist Roger Wright became the superhero known as the Avenger for one reason: To avenge the death of his brother, who was tortured and killed by Soviet agents. His assistant, Claire Farrow, made his costume; Roger asked her to make it after he saw Claire buy a Ghost Rider mask for her nephew. The Avenger had no powers, but he had his own inventions to fall back on, most notably his VTOL aircraft known as the Starjet and Dissolver pistol. The Avenger also possessed a utility belt containing items for almost any occasion.

The Avenger mainly focused on thwarting the schemes of Soviet forces, both in his native Empire City and around the world. He occasionally battled less conventional villains, such as the Robot Robber and the Player.

Avenger's VTOL jet

Public Domain Appearances

  • Avenger #1-4

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