Public Domain Super Heroes

Real Name

Tom Dash

First Appearance

Captain Flight #1 (March 1944)

Original Publisher

Four Star

Created by



Tom Dash was a humble antiques dealer, whose daughter, Lola, was gunned down in the crossfire of a mob hit. Chief Inspector Higgins of the city police had proven unable to end the reign of organized crime in his town. Enraged, Tom swore to avenge his daughter's death, and rid the city of organized crime. For the next year, Tom dedicated himself to intensive training so that he could become the ultimate crime fighter. When his training was complete, he began going undercover in disguise, and then setting up criminals, so that he could gun them down. He was able to shoot Old Dutch, one of the crime bosses that he held responsible for his daughter's death.

Powers and Abilities

During his year of training, Tom became a crack shot with a handgun, and an expert in boxing, jiu-jitsu and knife throwing, among other things. He also studied under a Hollywood make up artist to become a master of disguise. He usually carried a revolver. Tom was aided by a man named John, who also wanted revenge on the mob, and he was friends with a man named Marmossi, who owned a gambling hall that was frequented by gangsters.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Captain Flight #1


The title of the feature is "Dash the Avenger" but most characters in the story refer to him as Tom, and Tom refers to himself as "The Avenger."

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