Axar, Master of Mercury

Real Name


First Appearance

Space Western #43 (1953)

Original Publisher

Charlton Comics, Inc.

Created by

Walter Gibson


Axar is a Mayan living on Mercury. Strong Bow goes to Mercury in a ship discovered in a Mayan pyramid to investigate the fate of Princess Karna. When he tells Axar that he is a Mayan like Axar, Axar doesn't believe him and chains him up. Strong Bow escapes his chains using the increase in strength he gets by coming from Earth to the smaller planet of Mercury. Swift Bow finds Princess Karna, who hasn't aged in centuries due to the environment of Mercury. Strong Bow takes the princess back to Earth.


Axar doesn't display any unusual abilities. While on Mercury, he doesn't age. Nobody ages on Mercury.

Public Domain Appearances

Space Western #43

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