The Aztec
Michael Drake (Earth-MLJ) of Jackpot Comics Vol1 08.jpg

Real Name

(first name unknown) Drake

First Appearance

Jackpot Comics #8 (Winter 1942)

Original Publisher


Created by

Sam Cooper


Mr. Drake was the chief engineer of an expedition in Mexico who stumbled onto hidden gold inside of an Aztec Temple. By disguising himself as a "Guardian of the Aztecs," he tried to scare off others from discovering it.

The Black Hood and Barbara Sutton were part of his last expedition team. After being warned by the masked Drake, members of the crew began to die. The natives also kidnapped Barbara for a sacrifice but, the Black Hood rescued her. Afterwards, he chased Drake into the temple, who then got impaled by falling spears and died.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Jackpot Comics #8


  • Some sites state the character's first name as "Michael" however, this never appeared in his only appearance.

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