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Real Name

Alexa Pond

First Appearance

Free Universe Forums- November 2014

Created By

Brandon Longstreth


Alexa Pond was an innocent teenager that happened to dress a little different. Her dark clothes and music made locals afraid of her. So, when a young girl in her hometown was brutally murdered, she was quickly found guilty despite being innocent and having a concrete alibi. Hopeless and alone in prison, she gave herself over to true darkness and offered herself to any demon that would help her escape. She became a bride to a demon claiming to be the Devil himself. In return, she was given demonic powers and control over the vermin that infested the prison. She took the name Baalzebitch, an insult used against her in high school, and began her real life of crime. Eventually being recaptured numerous times across the country, her influence spread and a nation wide prison gang has followed in her foot steps, the Sisterwives of Satan.

She was once cellmates with Behemother.

Powers and Abilities

Baalzebitch has various demonic powers including breathing hellfire, the wings of a demonic flybeast, and controls a horde of vermin.


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