Baldorian Group Sabra

Real Name


First Appearance

Space Busters #2 (Fall 1952)

Original Publisher


Created by

Marvin Stein


Sabra leads a group of guerrilla fighters called the Baldorian Group Sabra. Sabra's freedom fighters from the planetoid Baldor oppose the oppression of their Belzaric conquerors. The picked Belzaric force known as the Mashons are lead by Senstral for the Empress of Belzar. After launching a successful attack on the Mashons, Sabra and her soldiers collect the weapons as spoils. Sabra speaks to her trusted advisor Abba, telling him to call in Brett Crockett and the Space-Busters to assist her forces.

Senstral orders Caldo, the leader of the Mashons to quell the rebellion. Caldo does so by slaughtering a defenseless group of innocent Baldorians in reprisal.

Captain Crockett responds by ordering a "space jump" where the "Dog Troop" is to be lead by Sergeant Bolo. The members of the Dog Troop are ordered by Bolo to equip themselves with "full space jump equipment, combat packs, automatic ray guns, and atomic bazookas!" The space jump is accomplished by means of a type of propeller-parachute.

Sabra meets them, surprising Sergeant Bolo by her gender, expressing he'd never heard of a woman leading a war. Lieutenant April Wing chides him for making remarks about women.

Sabra leads her forces with Brett leading the Space-Busters. The pairing of two groups proves unmanageable for the Mashons. To equal things out, the Belzarians capture Sabra's family, threatening to execute them if she doesn't surrender to Senstral in the city of Danchi. She does so, but is informed by Senstral she is to be executed. When she asks after her family's safety, Caldo informs her they are to be executed with her.

Brett uses water trucks to sneak his forces into the city, with Lieutenant Wing fronting the assault. Senstral flees, and the Mashon forces are captured.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Space Busters #2
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