Real Name


First Appearance

Mowgli's Brothers (1893)

Created by

Rudyard Kipling


Baloo was the teacher of the Law of the Jungle.

Baloo taught the cubs of the Seeonee wolf pack the Law of the Jungle. His most challenging pupil was the "man-cub," Mowgli. Despite Bagheera's objections, he sometimes found it necessary to use corporal punishment against Mowgli, although when called upon to defend the man-cub against the Bandar-log, he did not hesitate.

Baloo was one of Mowgli's mentors. He, Bagheera and Kaa sang for Mowgli "The Outsong" of the jungle.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Mowgli's Brothers
  • Kaa's Hunting
  • Tiger! Tiger!
  • Letting In the Jungle
  • The Spring Running

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