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Amazing Adventures #5 (Oct.-Nov. 1951)

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Created by

Ray Bailey


"Big-game hunter and crack jungle guide" Frank Dumont is visited by Marta Svenstrom. Marta is seeking her father, Dr. Gunnar Svenstrom, a naturalist who disappeared in the wilds of Uganda. It's been a year since Gunnar's disappearance, but Marta has pictures of a white haired man who she thinks is her father. Frank reluctantly agrees to organize the expedition.

Balooga, Frank's headman, will lead a safari of bearers into Uganda. Frank and Marta will meet the party there, flying in by helicopter.

A few days later, everything has gone as planned. Frank and Marta fly into the camp set up by Balooga and his men. Marta and Frank fly around searching for Gunnar. They see small, strange hills dotted around the landscape.

As they fly over, Gunnar hears the helicopter, but can't signal it. He is a prisoner of Giant Ants. The ants gather fruits for him to eat. Gunnar plans to signal the helicopter, should it pass again. He manages to light a fire, which Marta and Frank see when flying over.

Frank lands the helicopter, only to be attacked by one of the ants. Frank shoots and kills it. There here a plea to cut the vines away, which Frank does with a machete. Behind the vines is Gunnar, who reunites with his daughter.

The giant ants attack in a large group. Frank pours a ring of gasoline and lights it. This protects the trio long enough to escape in the helicopter.

Back at the camp, Gunnar describes the intelligent, oversized ants. He fears they will march in the thousands, destroying everything in their wake. Frank and Marta observe the beginning of the ant march while examining the area from the helicopter. Frank calls the airport, asking to speak with Captain Manchester of the Royal Air Force Contingent.

Captain Manchester sends Spitfire airplanes to drop napalm on the insects. The ants are annihilated. Science has quelled the mistakes of nature. For now...

Public Domain Appearances

  • Amazing Adventures #5

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