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Bar El
Bar El

Real Name

Bar El

First Appearance

Thrilling Wonder Stories (September, 1940)

Original Publisher

Better Publications Inc.

Created by

Frederic Arnold Kummer, Jr.


Bar El was a Rhin forced laborer in the radium mine on the Martian Moon of Phobus. Aiding in the escape plan engineered by Greg Zhor, he continues to assist in plotting the downfall of Karragon, the dictator of Mars, and his Thelemite army.

Bar El:

"Better a quick death by the heat rays than have our bones rotted by radium poison."

"Follow you? Let me have but one glimpse of the Sun, of the red plains of Mars. I'll follow you to hell and back!"


Bar El is strong, physically and in spirit. He proves himself a valuable companion.

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