Barbara Blake

Real Name

Barbara Blake

First Appearance

Mad Hatter #1 (1946)

Original Publisher

O.W. Comics Corp

Created by

Bill Woolfolk


Barbara (called "Babs" by her editor and boyfriend, Jim Murray) was a reporter for the Daily Clarion and friend of Grant Richmond. Told by Jim to go on a date with the crime-fighting Mad Hatter and uncover his secret identity, Barbara had no idea it was secretly Grant.

While out investigating a lead on a criminal named Hunky Henders, Barbara was caught and had to be rescued by the Mad Hatter (although, to be fair, he had already been captured and had to free himself first).

Returning to the office to let Jim know that, although Hunky Henders was dead, the Mad Hatter would still soon have the identity of the villainous Crime Boss, Jim revealed he was going on a vacation and asked Babs to marry him. Upon confessing his love for her, he also revealed he was the Crime Boss!

Jumping through the open window upon hearing the confession, the Mad Hatter confronted Jim but, was easily taken down. As Jim was escaping, Barbara made the decision to do the right thing and trip her love thus, giving the Mad Hatter the upper hand he needed to apprehend Jim.

As Jim was being taken away to prison, Barbara asked the Mad Hatter to take her out somewhere where she could laugh and forget her troubles causing him to note, "Of course! Queer isn't it? That you should obey his orders! This will be your first date with the Mad Hatter!"

Public Domain Appearances

  • Mad Hatter #1-2
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